Juniors Classes

We are happy to announce that this summer we have been able to start a juniors class. We are currently accepting students roughly between 9-14. We are willing to make a case by case exceptions depending on the student. We have several instructors currently participating in teaching the juniors.

If you are interested in your child taking classes from us please contact us. We are trying to keep the classes small for now so each student gets the attention they need to learn. We are focusing on the same basics for the juniors that we focus on for the adults. Basics of the art like Kamae (Postures), Ukemi (rolling and falling skills), Kata (basic forms), and fundamentals. Just like for the adults we try to create a fun learning environment that promotes a desire to learn. For the juniors, we are trying to teach proper body mechanics in an entertaining way that promotes the appropriate use of martial skill.

Please feel free to contact us for a trial class for your child. We currently have juniors classes twice a week, on Wednesday at 5 pm and Saturday morning at 9 am. The trial class gives you and your child a chance to meet the instructors and see if it is a good fit.